11 Haziran 2010

I received an e-mail from Poland

I received an e-mail from Agata Ziolkiewicz!!!
She writes a blog "I like design" where she writes about design, interiors, things and also from time to time about illustration, graphics, adverts.
She also writes another blog about photography "I like photo", where she selects and puts photos she likes or admires.

Agata says in her blog;
"This is my discovery. I don't remember where and when I have found website Coka Book. Drawings amazed me and I like this world very much. Coka Book is nothing like an internet diary of a one boy from Turkey. Ahmed Coka work in advertsing. On his blog he draws, using a delicate line, his life, dreams, observations, plays with cat, struggles in a kitchen, looking for a girl, meetings, holidays, emotions, dancing… A whole life written in pictures. One day I spend almost whole Saturday with him looking through the blog. Yes, just looking, reading pictures, because I don't understand even a word in Turkish. Luckily Ahmed has just started to write in English a little. But his pictures are meaningful enough. And I come back to the blog once in a while, come back as to visit good friend.
And today I recommend because I think it is worth to know Ahmed and his world."

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  1. I totally agree with her.

    In fact that was what I said to myself, when I saw your blog.
    Love your drawings and your personaltiy.

    Thanks to Özge, who introduced us.

  2. Tesekkürler Aslı!!! Tüm güzel sözlerin için...

  3. Oh, boy! :)
    Thank you!


  4. Hi :) I found your blog folowing Agata's blog.
    I stuck here because of her!

  5. Anna Parys not only you stuck here because of Agata's blog.
    I really really like your drawings Coka.
    I'll be your loyal guest ;)

  6. I'm another victim of yours, who got here because of Agatas blog. And I already went through all your drawings :)
    I'm in love.
    Literally - I feel this warm, calming feeling when I look at your pictires - just like it feels when you see someone dear to you :)

    I wish you all well!


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