17 Temmuz 2010

stones 2

Puskul 06

Girl with apple

This too shall pass

3 yorum:

dotblogg dedi ki...

great stones! I love those with your cartoon people :) you inspired me to take another look at my stones which I put aside couple months ago. Almost forgot about them!
take care

Ahmet Coka dedi ki...

hi again dotblogg :)
I woke up early and I read your comment. I must confess that your comment as a gift...

I would like to see your pieces and wish you a Sunday so much brighter...

dotblogg dedi ki...

I'm glad I made you smile;) soon I'm going to put something new on my blog,I have some new things but since I paint/draw on paper I have to scan them before posting..and I don't have a scanner;)
hope to see your new works soon:)
take care and have a nice week!

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