18 Ağustos 2009

Peaceful silence...

Last few days for holiday!... La la la... and listen this picture's music...

17 Ağustos 2009

Waiting for vocation...

I delayed my travel for a one week. Just waiting... So this is hard week for me...

12 Ağustos 2009


This land is empty... But i decided to draw two houses on it. This is dream about live outside of center. Its just a dream.

11 Ağustos 2009

Old Work

Rüzgar / Wind

Istanbul is windy and my vacation will start on the 21st of august. I hope to go to Selimiye... Would be fine..

07 Ağustos 2009

The End / 07.08.09

I drunk a bottle of beer. Dancing at home. Feel like a gold and 7th August ;)...
"Ride the snakeee..."

04 Ağustos 2009

Princess C.

O pazar Kraliyet Kriket Kupası için hipodroma teşrif eden Prenses C...
Princess C. came to the hippodrome for the Kingdom Cricket Cup on Sunday.
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