30 Kasım 2009

eid day 4 / forrest

Today Hulya joined to me... Fresh air, cold and pink cheeks...

27 Kasım 2009

Become a shepherd!

How can you be happy when the animals kiling? Save the sheep, stop genocide, become a shepherd!

24 Kasım 2009

music, wine & night 23:20

listen with me


well, you are right. probably you call me that i am a night bird for these couple of days... but i am really happy.

21 Kasım 2009

20 Friday

8.00 pm
I had to imagine different place. There was a store also has a cafe
Pictures was good. We ate toast and talk with Gözetlik.

9.00 pm
I like Dilbaz sisters. In fact, they are 5 sisters.

"Girls Wanna Just Fun" night with Esra’s 80&90s choices at Baykus - 10:30 pm
Mehtap, Gülay, Çiğdem & me went to Roxy Yan for dance - 1:20 am
Late night tea Dolmabahçe - 3:00 am

20 Kasım 2009

Friday Activities!!!

I'll go to the Photography Exhibition of Keremcan Gumustas with Mehmet Gözetlik. Than will meet with Serpil and Deniz... Finally will join a party at Cihangir...

16 Kasım 2009

to Blossom

I was talking everyday with my orchid... Today the orchid answered...
Click the see September talks between us

15 Kasım 2009

Hello Deniz!!!

Hariçten gazel okur muyuz Deniz'ciim? Ahkam da keseriz adam akıllı!!!
Shall we make stories in order to cheat, my dear Deniz? and supremely dogmatize, hah?

Expecting for Deniz!

My brother and Burcu love to talk about Deniz. :) Ok it's normal...

After Chagall Exhibition...

After Chagall Exhibition Cigdem, Gülay, Ali and me went to LOKAL at Tunel for drink something. A girl winked to me from inside...

09 Kasım 2009

At the moment...

At the moment... I am listening to La Rue Ketanou / Germaine over and over again... I threw out my socks into a corner, I opened a bottle of wine. I know I can not finish it at all. 2 glasses are enough ... let the music play!..

06 Kasım 2009

Akbabali Restaurant

Zeynep, Şenol, Burcu, Gülay, Coka, Orhan, Ediz ve Evrim...

02 Kasım 2009

Hillside Beach Club / Fethiye

 Uçaktan iner inmez ve daha bavullarla kocaman bir partiye katıldım.
It was a big party when i arrive Hillside Beach Club.

Serenity Beach yolu... Ölü ağaç.
Path of Serenity Beach. Dead tree.

Kimsesiz bomboş Serenity Beach. Yağmurda yüzmek...
Serenity Beach was empty when we swimming under the rain...

 Yağmurdan sonra hamam...
Turkish Bath after rain...

 Mehtap'la tanıştım ve onla dans etmek çok hoşuma gitti. Ama sigara içiyor...
This is Mehtap. I'm happy to dance with her. But she is smoking...

Çipil!... Garabeeet.... Amaan hıh!
Who is this guy!!!

Silent Beach'te aksam üstü... Sssh!
Silent beach view! Sssh!

I cleaned my soul with beer...


sarhoş / drug
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