29 Nisan 2010


time passes and changes everything. changing my ideas, people around me, my lifestyle and my body...

i feel like a pregnant!

27 Nisan 2010

26 Nisan 2010

sunday / breakfast & icecream

early sunday i had breakfast with Hülya and her daughter Duru. then took a walk at the forrest. and icecream was the midday prize.

saturday 02 / Cibali Kapı Restaurant

Cem's friends joined us at the tavern. I met with Beyza and the broken heart of Lebriz.

saturday 01

I will have little guests next weekend for planting. so the garden ready to be planted. i'm dog tired...

friday 02

23rd April / We changed our mind when we were jogging. Then decided to go Thrace (Trakya)!

friday 01

We decided to go jogging after 18 weeks. Realy like that...

20 Nisan 2010

19 Nisan 2010

ladybird or ladybug?

when I realise a ladybug, it makes me feel that it is as happy as me. who knows, maybe i am happy to be realised by it.

14 Nisan 2010

cocky pan

new series of my cooking adventure... i don't have any idea how to cook something. this red pan would be guide for me...

13 Nisan 2010

06 Nisan 2010


Sema has gone to Berlin for a year!

surprises of life

so, life gives you choices. i think, whatever you choose would be ultimately right.

01 Nisan 2010

week 18

We have celebrated the spring and listened the silence of the early sunday morning.
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