25 Mayıs 2010

Monday / Cibali Kapı Restaurant

cem invited me to cibali kapi... When i arrive decided to invite Cigdem. She came with her 2 friends. Then Gulay called to her. So Cigdem invited Gulay to Cibali... It was a lovely night at Haliç side.

14 Mayıs 2010

man who dreams at Haliç

i saw this guy before met with Umut, Ufuk and Cem... We ate octopus at CibaliKapı Fish Restaurant...

11 Mayıs 2010


i played football 2 years after... need oxygen!!!

met with Duygu

i know her before she was friend of my cousins. now i'm her friend too.

10 Mayıs 2010

emulsion cake / bulamaç

i tried to cook cake... failed!
çok iyi bulamaç yapıyorum...

04 Mayıs 2010


I'm hanging from the bed. Blood rush to my head...

03 Mayıs 2010

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