21 Haziran 2010


We decided to swim in the pool after seeing the wavy sea...

Yakamoz Restaurant

some warm and beautiful words touched my heart!

15 Haziran 2010


Jazz Open Mic @ Hayal

Dün aksam hayal kahvesine gittim özge ile jazz gecesiymiş, konukların da sarki söyledikleri bir gece. gecenin bi saati, az evvel sahne de şarkı söyleyen çıtı pıtı kadın iner inmez yanıma yaklaştı:
"siz" dedi "ahmet coka'mısınız?"
Böylece Elif ile tanışmış olduk. :) Benim de zaten takip ettiğim bloğu: Tıkla!

I went to Hayal Cafe with Özge last night. It was Jazz evening where the guests also come to the stage and sing. All of a sudden the cute lady who just sang her song, came near me and asked if i was Ahmet Coka?
So i met with Elif :) Click here for her blog (Turkish)

14 Haziran 2010


crowded day in Bebek... Bebek Festivali kalabalığı...

smell of bread

I'm happiest when the smell of bread... like these small birds...

ekmeklerin kokusuna dayanamayıp ucundan koparan insanı merak ettim. tam da o kokuya kapılmış, mutlu olmuşken sabah sabah... o da mutlu biri olmalı, tıpkı bu küçük serçeler gibi... / Cumartesi

11 Haziran 2010


Knock over large bottle with Reşat / Reşat'la bir büyük devirmek...


I received an e-mail from Poland

I received an e-mail from Agata Ziolkiewicz!!!
She writes a blog "I like design" where she writes about design, interiors, things and also from time to time about illustration, graphics, adverts.
She also writes another blog about photography "I like photo", where she selects and puts photos she likes or admires.

Agata says in her blog;
"This is my discovery. I don't remember where and when I have found website Coka Book. Drawings amazed me and I like this world very much. Coka Book is nothing like an internet diary of a one boy from Turkey. Ahmed Coka work in advertsing. On his blog he draws, using a delicate line, his life, dreams, observations, plays with cat, struggles in a kitchen, looking for a girl, meetings, holidays, emotions, dancing… A whole life written in pictures. One day I spend almost whole Saturday with him looking through the blog. Yes, just looking, reading pictures, because I don't understand even a word in Turkish. Luckily Ahmed has just started to write in English a little. But his pictures are meaningful enough. And I come back to the blog once in a while, come back as to visit good friend.
And today I recommend because I think it is worth to know Ahmed and his world."
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